Archontariki Restaurant

Under the rocks of Meteora and bearing in mind the <<Archontariki>> which is the reception and hospitality area of the monastery, we created a simple and warm place keeping the traditional Greek cuisine with the purest ingredients against the modern rhythms of life trying to satisfy you as best as possible.

You will find our menu in English.

You will find us in the central square of Kalambaka (Riga Fereou) at Trikalon 13 in an air-conditioned capacity room 110 people inside and 50 people outside.

Next to us you will find the post office and many banks to serve you, Also just at 200 meters you will find the train station and the bus station.

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Under the rocks of Meteora

Greek and Mediterranean, Barbeque,  Seafood, Vegetarian 

If you are sad, head towards our restaurant and spend some time there, you will find everything better.

Nothing brings people together like good food and a good restaurant.